Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Skunk Card

My dear mother in law is having a lumpectomy (is that spelled right?!) tomorrow. I am so excited that she is almost done with this cancer journey. I made this card for her to give her a laugh and hopefully take her mind of things, even briefly.

For this card I used Animal Kingdom and A Child's Year...

The skunk body (AK) was cut with white and black card stock. I detailed the face with gel pens and added a wiggle eye. Her hair is a pinch of very fine feather boa. I stuck her bow in place with a glue dot.

The background was cut with the shadow feature from purple card stock. I creased the very top of the tail and folded it up so it opened. Then I taped everything in place. I used pop dots to attach the skunk body and give it some depth.

The inside was cut with ACY and says: Surgery Stinks!

I hope it makes her smile!

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