Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wow...really has it been this long?!

Wow!...it really has been a long time! I guess life happened and left my blog in the dust. I really want to get back to it. I miss sharing my creations and Jacka-isms!

Lets see...since the last post...

I started a part-time job outside the house. I love it and Jacka is enjoying the time with others while I work.

I have kept up my goal of buying no cards for the year! Here we are in September and I am still going strong!

Jacka is learning to read and playing soccer. He is becoming such a little man.

Dh has a new job which he loves.

So in sort, we are living life and thanking God for it! Our desktop computer died a couple of months ago. We will be on the hunt for a new one on Black Friday. I will post pictures of some of my most recent creations soon!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Santa Claws

Jacka is at such a fun age. He is constantly stretching his creative wings and doing things to make us laugh...case in point, the subject of this layout...I always go out for Black Friday shopping while Jacka and DH stay at home and get the house decorated. This year I picked up some dinosaur slippers and jammies as an early Christmas treat. Jacka loved them, but he also loved the Santa hat he found in the Christmas storage totes so he decided to wear them together! The result...SANTA CLAWS!

I used lots of carts here...the Santa is PPDU, the dinosaur and "claws" are Dino Tracks. The "+" and "=" are Mickey font. The "Santa" is storybook. Finally the squares on the filmstrip are George. This was a little tricky to put together, I had a hard time choosing papers, but I am thrilled with the results!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Thank God for Pigs!

My husband's cousin is having heart valve replacement surgery and has made a big joke out of the doctor using a valve from a pig for the replacement, so I made this get well card for him. I hope he gets a laugh out of it! The inside says, "Thank God for Pigs...(and their valves!)"

The pig is from Animal Kingdom. The wings are from A Child's Year and the halo is from George.

Happy Friday to All!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Enjoy the new Irish inspired look of my blog! We are anxiously awaiting St. Patrick's Day 2010! Jacka has dusted off the kilt and shined up his green Doc Martens. Also enjoy the new playlist, two of my favorite bands Highland Reign and Off Kilter were not available for the playlist. Please check them out here (Highland Reign) and here (Off Kilter). I hope to have some Irish inspired work up soon!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Rockin the Red

Jacka had the cutest little red sunglasses when we went to HHI. One day he was wearing them with his red swim trunks and it was just adorable, of course I had to scrap them.

I love the look of black and white photos where certain elements are left colored, but I do not have the computer software to allow me to do that. I have however found a way around it! For this layout I printed the photo in black and white and colored the glasses and trunks with a sharpie. It worked like a charm! I love the results.

For the layout I used Opposites attract and mickey front for the title (also embossed with the cuttlebug).

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another One For Grandma...

Grandma Hold Our hands...it will make you feel better!
I decided to make my mother-in-law a pillowcase with the grandkid's handprints on it to take with her for her surgery. I figured it would be a great way for her to have them with her at all times.

To begin, I gathered all the kids together...not an easy feat!... and stamped their handsprints on the case. After they dried, I used the freezer paper technique to add the wording. "Grandma" was cut with gypsy font, the rest of the message with All Mixed Up.

I am not thrilled about the color of the pillowcase, but that is all I could find! I think she will love it anyway.

Say a prayer that she does well tomorrow...and that she does not read this and spoil the surprise!

Skunk Card

My dear mother in law is having a lumpectomy (is that spelled right?!) tomorrow. I am so excited that she is almost done with this cancer journey. I made this card for her to give her a laugh and hopefully take her mind of things, even briefly.

For this card I used Animal Kingdom and A Child's Year...

The skunk body (AK) was cut with white and black card stock. I detailed the face with gel pens and added a wiggle eye. Her hair is a pinch of very fine feather boa. I stuck her bow in place with a glue dot.

The background was cut with the shadow feature from purple card stock. I creased the very top of the tail and folded it up so it opened. Then I taped everything in place. I used pop dots to attach the skunk body and give it some depth.

The inside was cut with ACY and says: Surgery Stinks!

I hope it makes her smile!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Seaside Treasure

I just love these photos of Jacka! When we arrived on the island we wanted to do a professional seaside photo shoot with Jacka; because of the cost we decided to do it ourselves and boy am I glad we did! Our cute little subject was in a great mood, so we got some amazing shots! Everyone thought they were professional.

For this layout I used gypsy font for the date and top half of the title. The edging is the Martha Stewart punch Rings. Thickers finished up my title.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Child of the Sea

I just love this picture of Jacka watching the seagulls at the beach. I have delayed scrapping it because I wanted to do a great job. So here it is...I incorporated a lot of details from other pages on this one page.

There is a lot of torn edges and inking on this layout. I added the different types of ribbon for textual interest. The title is cut from Opposites Attract. The tiny footprints to the left of the photo add a simple soft baby touch. The birds are Jolee's and the text stickers are from two different sticker stacks.

Sick Jacka!

Ugh...You know that Mommy feeling when something is just not right with the kiddos? I had that Friday...we saw a doctor in our practice and were told that Jacka just has a viral illness. Over the weekend he got worse, so we headed back to the doctor today. We were able to get in with our doctor and he has pneumonia! Yikes! Poor little man is couch crust. No scrapping for me any time soon!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dino Food!

Jacka has a great imagination. He is so funny! The other day I caught him playing with his Zhu Zhu Pets. I thought nothing of it, until I saw how he was playing with them. He made one of his dinosaurs eat them! I was laughing as I took the pictures.

Here is the layout...
The title is gypsy font and Dinosaur Tracks. The hamster (cut at 1.5) is actually the mouse from Animal Kingdom. I just cut his tail off and rounded out his little bottom. The t-rex (cut at 3.5) is from Dinosaur Tracks. I embossed him with the Cuttlebug.

Remember to scrap those everyday funny moments!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chigger Stuff!

Each and every time we go down to Hilton Head and Savannah I am fascinated by the Spanish moss. It is so beautiful! This big grey mass swinging in the breeze from most of the trees has a bit of a romantic old world look to it. Our first trip to Savannah inspired the nickname "Chigger Stuff". One of our lovely bus drivers told us not to touch it because it is full of chiggers. Good to know, since I was tempted to reach up and get a handful!

This layout was in my head for quite sometime, but I think that sometimes my creativity gets the best of me. I decided to use the moss on the page. I opened the bag and little bits of it went everywhere! What a mess! This page includes every type of adhesive I own! I eventually got it all stuck down though. The title is a mix of gypsy font, storybook, and All Mixed Up. The brackets are Gypsy font.

Thanks for visiting!

1st Time on the Ice

Jacka had his first ice skating lesson this past Saturday! I just cannot believe how big he is getting. :) I asked him if he would be interested in taking lessons and his eyes lit up. For 3 days straight he asked, "I go skating this day?" That is his new thing. Everything is this day. It is pretty cute. So Saturday came and we hit the rink. I was a little nervous because he has been known to chicken out on extracurricular activities. As I was lacing his skates up he looked a little nervous, but once his blade touched the ice he was good to go! He loved it! He skated by himself many times...he also fell many times. But each fall was fallowed with giggles. :) After the lesson I asked him about it and he said, "I did a great job...and I fall on my butt!" He is such a funny boy!

For this layout I used All Mixed Up and George. I spruced up my basic cardstock with silver inked circles and I added an element of interest by journaling my subtitle around the page. The pictures looked a little flat so I added black ink to the edges. That gave them some dimension.

Thanks for looking...and go hit the ice!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Snail Valentines

This year, in keeping with my not buying any cards New Year's resolution I decided to make Jacka's valentines. He is not is school so I would not have to make a ton, but he does have many friends and cousins that we would what to show a little love to.

I researched different styles and ideas but could not find anything that really suited me. Then Jacka decided that the Valentines must have a snail on them...a snail?! Where did that come from. lol

I found a design that included a lollipop as the shell here, and tweeked it to make it my own. My lovely friends on the DIS boards helped me come up with the perfect phrase and an organic lollipop made the perfect shell. Jacka loves them! I cannot wait to hand them out.

The snail's body was made with circles from George. His eyes were made with the quotes from Gypsy font. The title is Mickey font and the background is embossed with D'vine.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, January 22, 2010

That's How Country Boys Roll!

Even though we do not live in the south, Jacka is a Country Boy. He insists that I am his "Momma" when others refer to me a Mommy and the only two musical artists that could bring us some peace during his colic were Johnny Cash and Kenny Chesney. He knows what a John Deere is and what "turn loose" means...he is a country man.

I took the lyrics from the new Billy Currington song That's How Country Boys Roll as my inspiration for this layout. Look at that gummy grin! How cute is that?!

The title is Opposites Attract, Mickey font, and A Child's Year. The checklist to the right of the picture is A Child's Year, Mickey font, and Gypsy font. I made the checks by cutting "Z"s from zooballoo and then cutting them to fit. The 3D stickers and journaling on the back of a 3x5 index card finished the layout off.

Thanks for lookin'!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Jacka is into dinosaurs...I mean really into dinosaurs. He knows the names of most of them and can tell you which are carnivores and which are herbivores. He has been discussing the issue of bi-peds and quadra-peds for some time now. In the car on the way home from dinner, he transferred his pedal knowledge to the other living things in his life. He asked about all the inhabitants of the car (himself, his Daddy, and me) and then proudly announced...with a huge smile, "We all bi-peds!" It was so cute! He is becoming such a big boy!

Holy Layouts Batman!

I was fortunate enough to have lots of scrapping time this weekend. I have several highlight pages to share...

The first is I Smell Candy which is a part of my HHI album. The Savannah Candy Kitchen is a must stop, if only for the pralines. They are to die for! The samples that are handed out are generally still warm and they just melt in your mouth. Yum!

This layout has lots of sparkle to replicate all of the sugar in the candy kitchen.

The title is all mixed up and Gypsy font.

My second layout to share is near and dear to my heart...it also features one of the most uncomfortable nursing sessions I have ever had! lol Once again, in HHI we were at the beach when Jacka needed to nurse. Finding a comfortable spot was not easy, but Jacka did not care...I was still his Seaside Snack Shack. This layout has lots of cricut. The sign and arrow are George. The title is Opposites Atract, A Child's Year, and Life's a Beach. The waves are also Life's a Beach.

The final layout of the day is a more recent one featuring the ugliest hives I have ever seen! Jacka came down with these in October and they were nasty. As you can see, they did not slow him down very much.

The title is Storybook, Mickey font, and A Child's Year. The paper doll is from Everyday Paper Dolls. For the doll's hives, I embossed him using the Tiny Bubbles embossing folder, than inked him with red ink. It was hard to draw on the features of the face, but the look of the hives more than made up for that!

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Circus Baby

Have you ever had a layout that you could see in your mind, but you could not translate that to paper? That was this circus layout. The pictures just sat forever. Finally yesterday I tackled it, and I finished it up this afternoon. I am on a mission to use up some of my sticker stash so I started with this one. There are stickers from 4 different packs on this one layout! I used the cricut for the title banners (George for the flags and storybook for the title). This was such a fun theme that I wanted to do it justice on the page...and I think I captured that!

(Because there are some personal elements to the journaling, it has been blacked out.)
Thanks for looking!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Background...

Well, it is getting to be that time...I need a new background for my blog. I go through this each and every time I think of changing it. I wish I knew how to make my own. The background that are available out there are neat, but few are really me. I wish I could find a valentine background with frogs kissing. How cute would that be?! Oh well...back to searching...maybe the background fairy will visit me! lol

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Watching For The Birds

More from Hilton Head 2007...Oh how Jacks loved the parrots which are found all over the island! HHI is not an overly tropical place, but just so you do not forget that it is an island many businesses have parrots residing out front. It took Jacka no time to realize how cool these animals were. After his first encounter with them he would squawk back at them, by the end of the trip he was waving to them and blowing them kisses!

I picked up this paper at M's and I love it! The "for the birds" is from a coordinating paper in the same line. I made the title by welding many different letters together. I popped the T out with pop dots. I actually forgot it on the original cut, but was able to creatively squeeze it in. The border punch on the journaling piece is MS's Pine Needles.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wizard of Oz Slider Card

Jacka has a cousin who is an only child like him. Since they are the only cousins who are "onlys" we lovingly refer to the pair, who are 5 months apart, as siblings. I made this slider card for Jacka's "sister" Sydney.

Here is the inside of the card...

The lettering is from Gypsy font and the shoe is from PPDU. I tried to get a photo or video of the card in action, but that did not work out so well for me. Oh Well!

Now, if only I can make her gift come out as well as the card...off to create!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Doughnuts Anyone?

Oh, this layout was so fun! All of the bright colors and sparkle perked up the cold, wintery day we had today. This layout is for my HHI 2007 album...

In HHI there is a great little restaurant called The Flamingo House of Doughnuts. It is owned by a very religious gentleman who was a joy to meet. He makes all the doughnuts fresh to order with your choice of glazes and toppings. It was heavenly! We had a s'mores one and it was amazing!

I used lots of Cricut here...
Stretch you imagination for the palm trees
Life's a beach for the title and the flamingo
All Mixed Up for the title
Opposites Attract for the title

Enjoy and if you are ever in HHI check out the Flamingo House!

Long Time...No Scrap!

Wow...long time no scrap! This has been a busy start to 2010. I have lots to scrap, but today is the first day of the New Year where I have been home all day! I have had little time to scrap this past week or so and of that time most of it was spent preparing my entry for the Cropping with the Stars contest hosted by PC. Now that the contest is over (winners are chosen around 1/15-this Friday...cross your fingers and your toes for me!) I hope to get back to my regular scrapping routine.

Happy New Year to all! I wish you a happy and prosperous 2010!