Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our First Jacka-ism

Ah...my dear Jacka. He is so funny and such a good kid. However last night we had our first experience with what I hope does not turn into a potty mouth. Jacka was playing with legos. He was playing independently and I was keeping half an eye on him. He was getting frustrated because his bricks of choice we not sticking together. I decided to stay out of the situation to give him the opportunity to problem solve on his own. I heard him whine a minute and then out it came...Damn it! In his perfect little 3 year old voice. I had to turn my head to hide the laughter. Even though I knew exactly what he said I asked him to repeat it. He looked at the ground, then stuffed his blanket in his mouth as he repeated it. We talked about how there were other ways to express anger and that bad words did not help. He apologized and it was over as quickly as it had started, but it was quite funny! If my memory serves me correctly I remember cussing about legos too...only mine was in regards to getting them apart, not together. :o D

Monday, November 23, 2009

Eyeing A Friend

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend...I did, I was scrapping! Hence the lack of posts. :o ) I managed to get 3 pages done today (I love kids who nap well!). Here is my favorite of the day...

This page is the page that almost wasn't. These pictures have been printed for months and they have just sat in my picture envelope. I was not sure how to scrap them or what I wanted to focus on so there they sat. Tonight as I sat in shock after scrapping all of the pictures from our 2008 Disney trip (!) my eyes fell on these photos. I had to include them...so I fiddled for a bit and whipped this up.

The Mike head was cut with George, the mouth is the crescent shape trimmed down with hand drawn teeth added. The title is Gypsy font. I threaded the ribbon and created the twisted knot for detail. EK Success stickers added the perfect finishing touch.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm in stitches!

I love the look of hand stitching in my layouts! I think it adds such interesting visual and tactile appeal. However I am a frugal scrapbooker. I am sure there are all sorts of fancy tools to create this but for me a needle, some thread, a heavy spoon and a corn holder is all it takes!

Here are the supplies:

The first step is to sketch out what you want to stitch. If you have a Cricut and the pens, you can use that to sketch something for you. (My demo is on notebook paper.)

After you sketch use the corn holder to pierce the paper. The spoon makes a great mallet! (Make sure that you work on a protected surface.) Doing this step makes it much easier to stitch in the end. I have been told this is a very hillbilly way to scrap! lol

Now you are ready to stitch! You can use thread or embroidery floss. For a bold look, use all the threads together. For a more delicate look separate them. Just use a simple up and down motion going through your punched holes.

When you reach the end, tie off the thread on the back of your page (use a little tape to tape of the end to hold in place) and you are done! If you want a full line instead of a segmented one simply reverse your stitches. Go back along the same holes that you just passed through in the opposite direction (if you came up a hole, this time go down it.) This creates a full, solid line.

That is it! Simple, and such a nice touch. You can stitch as much or as little on a layout as you like. Here are some examples from my previous pages...

Here the small X stitches look like they are holding the photos in place and add visual detail.

This page was created for a challenge. You had to piece together lots of papers to resemble a quilt. The stitching reinforces that connection.

Finally the vines on this page could not have been created any other way.

I wish you lots of time to scrap this weekend...and get to stitching!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Por Favor...

The WDW monorail is a family favorite around here. I could not wait to scrap this page. I hand pieced the monorail based on an old 1970s Disney advertising poster. Jacka's co-pilot's licence and those famous words finish out the page.

How Cute is this?!

How cute is this image?! I was out and about a few weeks ago and saw a very pregnant woman in the scrapping section of Target. This image was gracing her belly. I love it! Where was this when I was preggo with Jacka?! Oh well...maybe I can work this quote into his baby album somewhere. :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One More...

One more layout for today...This page was a challenge. It sat on my scrap table for a long time. I wanted to scrap it because it is such a good look at what a Disney trip is with my husband and me (we are hard core Disney Fans!)...and what it does to those who go with us. My mother-in-law was exhausted by the time this photo was snapped!

The paper and sticker pack are vintage Disney and have been in my stash for about 5 years! I am so glad I finally got to use them. The title is Mickey font, Opposites Attract, and Storybook. I loved the mixed up effect of the word "Dazed".

Looking at this picture makes me tired...Goodnight for now!

Layout Number 2-Monkey Man

Jacka is my little Money Man. He cannot turn down a banana. Here he is enjoying breakfast in bed in WDW.

I had so much fun with this page because there are so many fun elements. The title is Mickey Font and Opposites attract from Cricut. The bananas are the half moon shape from the George cart that I altered. Notice the accent strips? One of them is a scan of DS's lovey blanket. I put the blanket on the scanner and created an image of it. I loved adding in that little touch.

The monkey boy was created with Paper Doll Dress Up. I cut the clothing pieces from Mulberry paper (if you do this set your pressure very low or the paper will rip). I then moistened the edges and frayed them using the "dental pick" tool from my Cricut tool kit. It was sort of an altered tear bear technique. (Here are the original instructions: http://thebearyscrap.com/pages/tearbear.htm) The body of the outfit is the super hero clothing. The tail is the kitty cat tail and the hat is the mouse hat that I repositioned the ears on. Chalk gave the cheeks and ears the perfect blush.

Now anyone feel like a banana?!

New Layouts!!!

In honor of the theme of the blog, here is the First Layout...Jacka with Kermit! These photos were not the best, but I wanted to scrap this giant friend. I thought this design drew more attention to the theme and less on the not so great photos.

The title was created with Mickey Font and Gypsy Font with the Cricut. I used a MS marker to ink the edges and give it some flair.

The tag is from Gypsy Wanderings and the Kermit is a sticker pack. Thanks for looking!


Welcome to my little corner of the net! Are you enjoying the playlist?! This blog is a place for me to display all of my crafting projects...and sprinkle in some humor from Jacka, my son.

I hope to eventually have theme weeks and host challenges, but for now I am just learning the blogging basics! :) There are two items of note that I must point out before moving on...

#1 on the playlist...I know that Let It Be is sung by The Beatles, not The Beattles...but there is that whole not putting their music on playlists issue.

#2 Why the frogs and do you know the title of this blog is misspelled?! The title is a play on words. I hope this blog becomes totally me, a snapshot of who I am through what I create. I had to add the frogs because they are me. I love amphibians and some very special people in my life have either shared that love with me or contributed to my collection. I had to bring them into the blog. The theme will eventually change, but for now enjoy the frogs in this girl's pocket (not boy's like the background says).

The first layout is coming soon!...