Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wow...really has it been this long?!

Wow!...it really has been a long time! I guess life happened and left my blog in the dust. I really want to get back to it. I miss sharing my creations and Jacka-isms!

Lets see...since the last post...

I started a part-time job outside the house. I love it and Jacka is enjoying the time with others while I work.

I have kept up my goal of buying no cards for the year! Here we are in September and I am still going strong!

Jacka is learning to read and playing soccer. He is becoming such a little man.

Dh has a new job which he loves.

So in sort, we are living life and thanking God for it! Our desktop computer died a couple of months ago. We will be on the hunt for a new one on Black Friday. I will post pictures of some of my most recent creations soon!

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